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Whiskey Makes Comeback to Williamson County.

Whiskey flow

Thompson's Station won't be the only place in the county where whiskey will be flowing this year. About 20 minutes northwest, Lee Kennedy is in the process of building Leiper's Fork Distillery.

The 5,000-square-foot distillery as well as a 2,500-square-foot log cabin will rest on 30 acres in Leiper's Fork. The log cabin, built in 1825, will hold tours, tastings, live music and retail and office space.

Kennedy plans to have the distillery operational in June, with a soft opening in July followed by a grand opening in October. Leiper's Fork Distillery will offer a premium bourbon and a Tennessee whiskey aged in 53-gallon barrels, which won't be matured for another four to six years, Kennedy said.

An unaged white whiskey and brandy will be sold in the meantime.

Kennedy said he's proud to be part of the distillery revival happening within the county as well as throughout the state.

"It was a major manufacturing contributor to the state, and Prohibition really eliminated that," Kennedy said. "And with the law changes that happened recently you're starting to see a flurry of distilleries opening up, and we're really just now reversing the effects of Prohibition and seeing some variation in product and attention to detail and local distillers being able to get into the industry and make an impact."

And while the journey to putting cork to bottle has been long, Clark said just like whiskey, all good things take time.

"There's something about creating a tangible product that's always been interesting to me. And then you think about whiskey, it's an all-natural product. It's water, it's grain, it's wood, it's fire, it's time — these are base ingredients to this American dream."

[written by Collin Czarnecki, 615-852-1130 and on Twitter @CollinReports.]

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