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Williamson County Alert: New Craft Distillery

"Spirits lovers in the neighborhood also have reason to look forward to a new development as Leiper's Fork Distillery recently received licensing approval from the Tennessee Alcoholic Beverage Commission to begin distilling operations at its location on Southall Road. This step in the process usually means that operations must start up with 90 days of approval, which became official at the Nov. 17 meeting of the commission.

The small craft distillery is starting up with a 25-gallon still, extremely small even by craft standards. For a point of comparison, you can buy a fish tank five times that big at your local PetSmart, although it probably wouldn't be good for your fish to be swimming in white whiskey.

And white whiskey is what Leiper's Fork will have to sell for at least the first couple of years as they wait for their spirits to age into brown likker. The  distillery, which is a family affair owned by Lee Kennedy and his kin, will also sell a wheated whiskey and has plans to produce brandy if they can strike a deal with a local winemaker to provide the juice.

The distillery has been under construction since late 2014, so if the Kennedy family can wait that long to get up and running, we can certainly bide our time a little longer until they release some of their small-batch aged whiskey."

[Posted By Chris Chamberlain on Tue, Dec 29, 2015 at 8:46 AM]

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